About Broadlands

Broadlands was established in 1945 by a collective group of local people that had a vision to offer something back into the community.

With an exceptional donation of our end house, Broadlands was created, extended and registered as a charity (registered charity number: 1106837), the collective then became the Board of Trustees.

The aim for Broadlands from that day to this, was to be able to offer local people the opportunity to have quality, comfortable housing at an affordable price. Broadlands is a home from home aiding it’s clients to live independently with the added security of 24hr staffing.

Over the years the Board of Trustees has changed but the strong ethic foundations of Broadlands has remained the same, our outlook and community presence growing from strength to strength.

As a registered charity we rely heavily on the donations and generosity of the community and past patrons, we have an active link on our donations page, should you wish to contribute to our charity.

As a non-profit organisation, all monies raised and profit made is driven back into the business, ensuring the quality and longevity of Broadlands exists for many more generations to come.

Looking to the future, we aim to continue offering a homely atmosphere, quality accommodation, fabulous home cooked food, reliable and competent staffing all for an affordable price.